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11th May 2015 Annual General Meeting in Amsterdam
12th May 2015 - 13th May 2015 EBAday in Amsterdam
27th May 2015 EPC Coordination Committee in Brussels
18th June 2015 EPC Plenary Meeting in Brussels
25th June 2015 EBA Board Meeting in Brussels

31st March 2015 The Open Forum on Pan-European Instant Payments was successfully kicked off in Frankfurt yesterday, with 77 representatives from 55 payment service providers, technology providers and other stakeholders participating in the inaugural meeting. This new forum has been initiated by the EBA. To learn more, please [click here].

24th March 2015 The EBA is organising a Summer School on "Payments – What is the real-time imperative?" in Sophia Antipolis, France, from 7th to 9th July 2015. Please [click here] for further information.

06th March 2015 The EBA is launching an Open Forum on pan-European Instant Payments where practitioners from member institutions as well as other stakeholders have the opportunity to exchange views and experiences in relation to the development and delivery of instant payment services in euro at a pan-European level. To learn more about this open forum or to participate in the first meeting, please [click here].

25th February 2015 The SEPA Migration Action Round Table (SMART) has published an overview of the country-specific particularities that create local flavours in the customers’ payment experience and may represent obstacles affecting the seamless exchange of euro retail credit transfers and direct debits from a single payment account with counterparties across Europe. To download the brochure, please [click here]. Paper copies can be requested from the EBA Secretariat.

09th February 2015 The European Payments Council (EPC) published the SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) Core Rulebook version 9.0 and SDD Business to Business Rulebook version 7.0 taking effect in November 2016. For further information, please visit our [EBA Portal].