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SMART - SEPA Migration Action Round Table
SEPA Migration End-Date Working Group

SMART - SEPA Migration Action Round Table

The SEPA Migration Action Round Table was launched in March 2013 to provide payment experts with a forum where they can exchange views on and jointly tackle any issues of operational nature that may require rapid, pragmatic problem-solving co-operation at a cross-border level.

The main mission of the round table is to support the banks in their practical implementation of SEPA. It is open to practitioners from European payment banks with a special focus on payments and operations.

If you are interested in joining the SEPA Migration Action Round Table, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Guidance documents *NEW*
    In this section, you can find all the guidance documents that were published by SMART. This includes, among others, a guide on the handling of SDD R-transactions as well as notes providing guidance on various topics such as on the question whether there is a need for banks to validate the BIC of the sending bank against an external BIC directory when they receive an SCT through a SEPA CSM or which reason code is to be used in case of an IBAN-BIC mismatch.

  • Terms of Reference

  • List of Participant Banks

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