Open Banking Working Group

formerly called e-AP Working Group

Background and context

This EBA’s work stream started its journey in focusing on electronic alternative payments innovation taking place in the consumer and retail e-commerce space and the implications/challenges of the changes this innovation entails. An EBA Working Group called Electronic Alternative Payments (e-APWG) was set up in 2013, with the objective of helping the EBA membership to gain a deeper understanding of the changing structure of retail payments and the impact of electronic alternative payment products on traditional cash, cards and ACH payments. A number of thought leadership papers were delivered by the working group:

In 2015, the working group, among other things, advanced previous thought leadership work geared at delivering a framework outlining how payments-related services operating in different service layers (e.g. alternative payment solutions and account-based services) could optimally interact with a view to better meeting customer needs, supporting financial innovation and growing the market for digital services as a whole. This conceptual framework, called the Digital Customer Services Interface (DCSI), revolves around a virtual layer geared at bridging the gap between the electronic alternative payment methods offered in the services layer and the traditional payment systems put in place by account-servicing payment service providers (AS-PSPs) in the infrastructure layer.

In 2016, as a follow-up on its activities, the EBA e-APWG sought to provide its members and the wider industry with a deeper understanding of the strategic implications of using Open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in an open banking context. To this effect, the EBA produced a thought leadership publication on the topic of " Understanding the business relevance of Open APIs and Open Banking for banks". The aim of this paper is to help individual actors understand what open APIs are about and give them insight into the key considerations for redefining viable digital business strategies in an open API context. In August 2016, the EBA Board decided to continue the activities of the initially called e-AP Working Group under a new umbrella heading that will better reflect the areas of focus of the working group to the broader open banking agenda. To this end the e-AP Working Group was renamed Open Banking Working Group (OBWG).

From November 2016 to January 2017, the OBWG held several webinars on the topic of " Understanding the business relevance of Open APIs and Open Banking for banks":


In 2017, the OBWG published a new report on " Open Banking: advancing customer-centricity"

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