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EBA Board meeting
10th February 2022
Cryptotechnologies, Smart Payments and Stablecoins Working Group meeting
17th February 2022
Open Forum on Digital Transformation
"Examining the various facets of Sustainability and ESG - A new horizon in Banking and Finance?"
08th March 2022

Latest news

Dec 17th

EBA Member Portal now displays your institution’s participants in EBA workstreams

EBA Member Portal now displays your institution’s participants in EBA workstreams

The EBA is introducing a new feature in the EBA Member Portal to give you greater visibility on your organisation's participation in EBA workstreams.

The new feature allows you to quickly and easily gain an overview of all colleagues in your institution that hold a contact role within the EBA. It enables you to see who participates in which expert or working group.

To access this overview, EBA Members are kindly invited to log in to the EBA Member Portal. The new feature is available in the navigation menu under "Your Company's Roles in the EBA".

Please contact us at info@abe-eba.eu if you have any questions or wish to enquire about joining EBA groups that your organisation may not yet be a member of.

Oct 11th

Request to pay, digital currencies and the need to prioritise wisely - new video available

Thomas Egner, Secretary General of the Euro Banking Association, explains during Sibos 2021 why progress on request to pay will depend on more industry coordination and gives an overview of the Association’s work on digital currencies.

To watch the video, click here.

Aug 04th

The Covid-19 Pandemic and the Liquidity Management Ecosystem: Where to go from here

The EBA Liquidity Management Working Group published their latest report. The short paper highlights the major trends in the liquidity management ecosystem that the pandemic helped crystallise and outlines the questions that financial institutions will have to address as they continue to support their corporate clients.