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EBA Board meeting
02nd March 2023
Liquidity Management Working Group meeting
14th - 15th March 2023
Copenhagen, Denmark
EBA Open Forum on Digital Transformation
"Working Capital Management goes digital; what can we expect and what should we demand?"
16th March 2023

Latest news

Dec 01st

Euro Banking Association report explores use of real-time data in corporate liquidity management

The Euro Banking Association (EBA) today released a report on the use of real-time data in corporate liquidity management based on research by the EBA Liquidity Management Working Group (LMWG).

The aim of this paper is to provide insight into how some companies already use real-time data in the liquidity management space, and where they could potentially benefit from real-time data access. In doing so, the LMWG aims to highlight and clarify the opportunities for banks in this space as well as likely constraints.

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Oct 28th

Euro Banking Association makes EBA Fraud Taxonomy publicly available to provide pan-European framework for fraud combatting

The EBA Fraud Taxonomy, a pan-European taxonomy for payment fraud types, is now publicly available. The taxonomy provides a simplified and straightforward framework to describe fraud scenarios related to all kinds of payments, including card transactions. It helps banks and other payment service providers to harmonise the categories they use for the description of fraud types.

To request a free copy of the taxonomy, click here. For more information on the work of the EBA's Expert Group on Payment Fraud-related Topics, click here.

Jul 06th

EBA holds its first Summer school after a three-year break

The EBA has held its first Summer school after a three-year break as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The successful two-day Summer School, which ran from 4 July to 6 July 2022 took place in Nice, France, and was attended by 37 delegates and 11 lecturers. At the heart of discussions were rich data, emerging technologies, and the future of payments. Sponsored by Accenture, the EBA Summer School included a day’s visit at the Accenture Innovation Labs.