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EBA Open Forum on Digital Transformation
"Moving beyond payments – What are the next steps in the digital transformation towards open finance?"
02nd November 2021
Open Banking Working Group meeting
09th November 2021
Liquidity Management Working Group meeting
10th November 2021

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Aug 04th

The Covid-19 Pandemic and the Liquidity Management Ecosystem: Where to go from here

The EBA Liquidity Management Working Group published their latest report. The short paper highlights the major trends in the liquidity management ecosystem that the pandemic helped crystallise and outlines the questions that financial institutions will have to address as they continue to support their corporate clients.

Jul 01st

José Vicente appointed as Deputy Chairman of the Euro Banking Association

EBA Member Representatives also elected five other members to the Board of the pan-European payments association

José Vicente (Banco Comercial Português) was appointed as Deputy Chairman of the Euro Banking Association (EBA) by the EBA Member Representatives on 25 June 2021 for a three-year term of office. José Vicente succeeds Vincent Brennan of Bank of Ireland, whose term of office ended in June.

In addition, five other Board positions were up for election. The EBA Member Representatives re-appointed Han Joosten of Rabobank, Claudio Magnaghi of Banco BPM and Simon McConnell of Citibank Europe. Sharon Donnelly of Bank of Ireland and Rocío Jiménez Sánchez of CaixaBank were elected as new Board members. Rocío Jiménez Sánchez succeeds Fernando Lardiés of Banco Santander, who concluded his term in June.

On 3 May 2021, Andrea Meier of DZ BANK had also joined the EBA Board, succeeding Jürgen Wendt, also of DZ BANK.

For an overview of the EBA Board members, click here

Jun 28th

Ready for digital – a bank operating model for digital and Open Banking readiness

The Euro Banking Association’s (EBA) Open Banking Working Group released a new report today that explores a reference operating model for banks on their way to digital readiness. The report covers both the implications of digital readiness at large, and the specific requirements for successfully initiating Open Banking on an operating model level. The research of the working group was enriched by the input of digital and Open Banking experts within the EBA member community, including digital leaders from 12 major European banks.