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Feb 08th

Euro Banking Association welcomes first Premium Ecosystem Partners

The Euro Banking Association (EBA) announced today that seven of its existing Ecosystem Partners – ACI Worldwide (EMEA), Accenture, Fiserv, Mastercard, Microsoft UK, Montran Corporation and S.W.I.F.T. SC – have opted to be upgraded to the status of Premium Ecosystem Partners for 2021. The Premium Ecosystem Partner membership is a new membership category that the EBA has created to better respond to more comprehensive needs and interests of industry players with regard to the Association’s thought leadership, educational and networking activities.

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Nov 25th

EBA and McKinsey issue joint white paper on future of banks in payments

The Euro Banking Association (EBA) and McKinsey & Company published a joint white paper on the future of banks in payments today at EBAday 2020. The paper seeks to prompt a constructive debate on the future of banks in European payments and to ultimately launch a call for action on industry change.


Nov 24th

SMART2 releases publications on fraud information field for instant payments and abuse potential of closed-loop cards

The SCT Inst Migration Action Round Table (SMART2), a forum facilitated by the Euro Banking Association (EBA), announced the release of two new publications on the detection and prevention of payment fraud. The paper on the fraud potential of gift cards seeks to raise awareness of the different abuse scenarios and help reduce fraud in the future. The recommendation note on the optional pan-European fraud information field for the SCT Inst Scheme explains why a field that allows to share contextual information about a payment transaction between the originator and beneficiary PSPs would be helpful and how it should be used.

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