EBA Request to Pay Survey

The European payments industry is working towards introducing a new Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) request to pay process with first products for corporates and consumers expected to be launched in 2021. As with previous initiatives aimed at strengthening and modernising the pan-European payments ecosystem, the Euro Banking Association (EBA) aims to support the awareness-building process and dialogue that are needed as a basis for a successful implementation of this new tool on the supply and demand side.

In a recently closed survey, the EBA, with the support of PPI, gathered input on request to pay from businesses across Europe. The survey tried to establish how businesses would like to use this new payment ecosystem tool, which pain points it should solve and which benefits it should deliver for their payment, accounting and other internal processes as well as for their customers.

The survey questionnaire covered request to pay use cases in the following areas:

  • Point of sale / interaction
  • Online commerce
  • Recurring payments
  • E-invoicing

How will the results of this survey be used?

We presented preliminary high-level findings of this survey in a public session on 24 November 2020. Download the presentation

The EBA and PPI are currently preparing the publication of a report with comprehensive findings of this survey based on aggregated responses to the questionnaire and the outcome of in-depth interview sessions conducted in addition with volunteering experts. The survey report will be made publicly available on the EBA website in Q2 2021, so it may serve as food for thought to the wider European payments industry.

For the purpose of the report, all answers to the survey have been anonymised (with the exception of individually authorised quotes). Results of the survey will be published in an aggregated form, which will not allow identification of any individual economic agent.

What is next for the EBA on request to pay?

In order to engage the supply and demand side in a dialogue on request to pay and related needs to be covered, the EBA is working on the organisation of dedicated virtual events on the different use cases covered in its survey. These sessions are planned to take place in the course of Q2 2021. For a later point in 2021, the Association also plans to launch a broader Request to Pay Round Table with key stakeholders.