EBA Request to Pay Survey

The European payments industry is working towards introducing a new Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) request to pay process with first products for corporates and consumers expected to be launched in 2021.

To support the introduction of this new payment ecosystem tool, the Euro Banking Association (EBA) with the support of PPI has launched the present survey. It is aimed at gathering input from businesses on how they would like to use request to pay, which pain points it should solve and which benefits it should deliver for their payment, accounting and other internal processes as well as for their customers.

The survey as well as background information on the request to pay process are made available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

We presented preliminary high-level findings of this survey in a public session on 24 November 2020. Download the presentation

Responses to the questionnaire are invited by 28 February 2021 in view of a report on the findings to be published in Q1/Q2 2021.

The EBA questionnaire on request to pay is addressed at corporate experts from different corners, including corporate treasurers, e- and m-commerce specialists and experts from other or related domains involved in the organisation and implementation of payment processes.

The questionnaire is structured to identify views and expectations regarding specific request to pay use cases in the following areas – respondents have the option to complete the entire questionnaire or simply those sections which address their specific area of interest:

  • Point of sale / interaction
  • Online commerce
  • Recurring payments
  • E-invoicing

Brief descriptions of the request to pay process for these specific use cases and a short high-level overview of request to pay can be found in the survey.

For more detailed information on the request to pay process, select your preferred language version:

English: Background information – the request to pay process

French: Contexte général – le processus de requête de paiement

German: Hintergrundinformationen – das Request-to-Pay-Verfahren

Italian: Informazioni di base – il processo di richiesta di pagamento

Portuguese: Informações de contexto – o processo de pedido de pagamento

Spanish: Información general – el proceso de solicitud de pago


All answers to the survey will be anonymised, and results of the survey will be published in an aggregated form which will not allow identification of any individual economic agent.

The EBA would like to thank all participants for taking the time to help shaping the new request to pay process and related services!

How will the results of this survey be used?

Key findings of this survey will be published combining aggregated responses to the questionnaire and the outcome of in-depth interviews conducted in addition with volunteering experts. The outcome of the survey will be made publicly available on the EBA website in Q1/Q2 2021, so it may serve as food for thought to the wider European payments industry. This includes a Request to Pay Round Table that the Euro Banking Association is planning to kick off with key stakeholders in 2021.