Cyber Regulation E-Repository

What is the Cyber Regulation E-Repository?

The regulatory landscape on "security" is quite diverse and covers multiple types of regulations on various security-related topics. It is the aim of the Cyber Regulation E-Repository to detail the most relevant payment-related cyber regulations or industry standards by zooming in on the respective core principles and security impact for each framework or regulation.

The E-Repository takes a look at both cyber resilience and cyber security frameworks and regulations, such as PSD2, GDPR, TIBER, PFMIs and CROE, Regulation on SCA and CSC and several Guidelines by the European Banking Authority, e.g. on Security Measures for Operational and Security Risk, on Fraud Reporting, and on ICT and security risk management.

The Cyber Regulation E-Repository has been prepared under the guidance of experts acting as a ‘Cyber Regulation Sounding Board’ for the Euro Banking Association, and with the assistance of EY, and provides overviews of selected core regulations as at July 2020. Updates shall be considered on a semi-annual basis.

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Legal notice

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