EBA Open Forum on Digital Transformation

The EBA Open Forum on Digital Transformation was launched as the "Open Forum on Open Banking and Digital Transformation" in 2019. Its creation was the result of a merger of the Open Forum on Open Banking and the Open Forum on Instant Payments. Participants in both fora had increasingly found the topics of their discussions to be so intertwined that they should be explored together, which is why the EBA proposed to merge the discussion into one forum going forward. 

The goal of the EBA Open Forum on Digital Transformation is to support the industry by fostering a transparent and cohesive discussion around the impact of Open Banking, and of the ongoing introduction of real-time end-to-end processes in general, on the wider payments and transaction banking landscape. Approaching Open Banking through the lens of payment services in particular, the forum provides a space for financial industry practitioners to exchange information about access models and Open Banking concepts pursued by various industry initiatives or communities across Europe. Bringing in stakeholders with interests in wider Open Banking contexts facilitates a joint discussion on how to move the entire financial industry toward Open Banking and address related hurdles or challenges.

For more information see the Terms of Reference.


Upcoming meeting

"Payments in the EU - Modern, Safe and Digital!"

A digital event, 9 June 2021, 9:30 to 17:00 CET

More information to follow soon.


Past meetings

"Innovation through technology: leveraging AI, cloud and platformisation to create the new normal"

A digital event, 9 February 2021

See the agenda here. For more information on the speakers, please click here.

The speaker slides can be found here.


"Cyber Security and Fraud: Cause, Effect and Prevention in a Digital World"

A digital event, 9 September 2020

See the agenda and the speaker line-up here.


"New Ways of Working... Is Agile indispensable for the digital journey? Definitions, implementations and impact"

Frankfurt, 11 February 2020

See the agenda and the speaker line-up. 


"Moving forward on the digital journey – which payment methods will win the hearts and minds of the customers? Will we still need cash...?"

Amsterdam, 24 October 2019

Download the agenda here


"Open banking - beyond compliance: bridging the gap between legacy systems and the API future"

Paris, 15 May 2019

See detailed agenda.